Since the age of thirteen, Tony Sales had a talent for obtaining money illegally. This talent saw him expanding his fraudulent activity to a point where he was making thousands of dollars a day off stolen credit cards, fake identities and abuse of gambling websites.

After he stole what analysts estimate is close to £30,000,000, he was eventually caught. This lead to a jail sentence which gave him time to reevaluate. Now that Tony is no longer in prison, he works as an anti-fraud consultant for many large companies. His experiences in omitting fraud help him to identify weaknesses in security and protect the people he works for.

How did Tony steal so many people’s information and identities?

WiFi attacks

In the video above, Tony attributes malicious WiFi attacks as a powerful means of obtaining information.

By going into a coffee shop with free WiFi, Tony and his associates would use their phones to make fake WiFi hotspots using the same details as the free WiFi network.

Once a customer entered the fake WiFi network, fraudsters would be able to see all of the information that was being sent across the server. This included sensitive information such as email addresses and passwords.

How to stay safe against WiFi fraud

It is important that you only connect your phone to trusted WiFi networks when you are out in public. You should also be wary of duplicate networks. For example, if you see two networks called “Starbucks Free WiFi”, you should only connect to the one which redirects you through the Starbucks sign in page when you connect. WiFi networks that connect straight away are risky and caution should be taken when using them

Stolen credit cards

Tony also talks about the deep web; a place where you can buy credit card information for as little as £5. By using this information, Tony was able to create verified accounts on gambling sites where he’d conduct elaborate processes to funnel and steal the money.

At one point in time, Tony had a group of around 50 people creating money illegally through these gambling sites. This allowed for significant profits.

In parts of the world such as the Middle East and India, this process is scaled across entire buildings. This means that there are hundreds to thousands of people committing credit card fraud all at once.