Forensic Accounting Services in Hamilton NZ

What do we do?

As forensic accountants, our job is to investigate financial crimes such as fraud and embezzlement, as well as protect people and organisations against financial crime.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, we are skilled in analysing financial information, collecting evidence and preparing in for legal use against perpetrators. 

Forensic Investigations

Financial crime is affecting more businesses than ever. We can investigate suspicious activity within your business, reconstruct financial records and help you locate the source of these problems.

Forensic Reports

We can use our analytical skills to determine the source of fraud or other financial crime. From there, we can prepare evidence in the form of a detailed report which is written to a standard for use in court.

Fraud Prevention

A solid fraud prevention strategy is vital to the success and safety of your business. We can work with you to identify weaknesses and reduce the risk of fraud within your company.

Anti Money Laundering

Avoiding money laundering can be difficult. However, our certified anti money laundering specialist can help your company meet their tax obligations and stay on the right side of the IRD.

Anti Workplace Fraud

In 2019, more employees are stealing from their jobs than ever. We can locate the source of theft and fraud in your workplace, allowing you to find the persons/groups responsible.

Tracking Lost Funds

Has money suspiciously gone missing from your available funds? We can investigate lost funds and suspicious transactions, allowing you to see where every last dollar is going.

How can we help?

As certified forensic investigators, we possess the experience and knowledge to help your business through all sorts of financial problems.

Since every person or company’s situation is different, your case will require a unique approach. When you make contact with us, we will arrange a meeting where we can learn about you. This will allow us to investigate and prevent fraud.